Set Free Foil Speedster Combo North Kiteboarding

Set North Kiteboarding Free Foil 5’0 + Speedster Combo

Set disponible para entrega en Agosto 2018, RESERVALA YA!

Usado en Surf Center Tarifa para Clases, Alquiler o Test de kitesurf en Tarifa.

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Set completo tabla FREE 5’0, foil con mástil de 65 cms

Posibilidad de añadir mástil de 90 cm +260€

1,050.00 950.00

The Alpinefoil RX-V5 S design is the culmination of more than a decade of experience in kitefoil riding and manufacturing. This board responds without compromise to riders of all levels, from beginner to competitor. Directly inspired by the 2015 RX-V5, the RX-V5S is back with an even more complete design.

New :

  • The rails are reinforced with Airex and then wrapped in carbon fiber
  • The deck is now flat for perfect foot support, and it has also been reinforced with even more carbon fiber
  • The inverted rail shape has been improved for even more lean angle and low resistance while heeled over
  • The double concave hull shape is even more pronounced
  • Additional volume in the nose of the board helps the board behave well during foiling touchdowns and takeoffs

A fully designed mast with a new internal structure and updated hydrodynamic profile to further reduce cavitation and improve high speed performance.

The fuselage now incorporates notches for the GIS (Galvanic Isloation system) shims for fast and easy assembly.

A optional short mast is now available – ideal for learning to foil and for kite schools!

4 boxes are available: KF-Box, Tuttle, Platinum, and Probox.

New for 2016, the Alpinefoil 5.0 Access V2 is the direct evolution of Alpinefoil Access 2015. Modern design, performance comparable to the best carbon foils and an affordable price make the ACCESS V2 5.0 a unique product in the kitefoil universe.

The ACCESS 5.0 V2 is designed to be ACCESSible to all riders. Beginners will progress quickly and confidently while more experienced riders will climb the steps of the podium. The Alpinefoil Access is the first aluminium foil to hit 30 knots (with the Alpinefoil Sport wing).

Unique and exclusive to Alpinefoil, our patented GIS galvanic isolator system, allows us to use carbon wings and an aluminium fuselage without risk of galvanic corrosion.

Exclusive to Alpinefoil, the injection moldied GIS wedges electrically isolate the components of the foil and thus entirely eliminates electrolysis from the contact between the carbon and aluminum.